Hello Wood, a festival of art with …wood in Budapest.

POLIPHONY: Moomoo Architects.

Dubbed the Woodstock of architecture, “Hello Wood” is a week long maker’s festival where around 120 young designers get the opportunity to work alongside architects, artists, makers and other experts, in a free exchange of knowledge and culture. The aim is to strengthen the notion of thinking and working in a context where commitment to community is at the heart of the agenda.

At the end of the week long art camp,12 installations were created which are then judged by the jury of professionals. This year Polish Moomoo Architects were the winners with their piece, “Poliphony”. Read more

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Multi-storey multiplex: Parking Housing by Aaron Cheng.

View in parking mode.

Images: Aaron Cheng curtsey of the James Dyson Award.

Time multiplexing is a term usually used by electronic engineers to describe the sharing of a finite resource such as bandwidth with as many users as possible. The need to time multiplex has crept into architecture during the process of industrialisation, but more widely so in the twentieth century when buildings became increasingly specialized.

In this project by Aaron Cheng which is under consideration for the James Dyson Awards, the problem is expressed as parking buildings versus living space. But it could also be expressed in other formulas such as office space versus living space. Read more

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Public Tender: Rita McBride exhibition MACBA, Barcelona

Arena image

Arena photos: Tony Coll

Barcelona ‘s contemporary art venue MACBA, designed by Richard Meier , will have some of its architectural qualities probed by the work of Rita Mc Bride in an exhibition running from 19th May to the 24th September. McBride’s work occupies a territory somewhere between architecture and sculpture.

Building on Michael Asher’s famous 1973 piece in the Galleria Toselli, Milan, where he stripped layer after layer of white paint to reveal the pre-art, brown patina of the walls, McBride has stripped away temporary walls, skylight coverings and door closures to reveal the Spanish gallery as it was originally designed by Richard Meier 17 years ago. Time and use changes architecture. By installing Arena from 1997 (structure of wood and Twaron) in one of the spaces, she creates a dialogue between the piece and the newly revealed museum itself. It makes us think about signature architecture, its place in our society and its value.

Read more

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Second bite: Apple campus by Foster + Partners

Images: Foster & Partners

A new set of plans have been lodged with Cuppertino City council for the new Apple 2 campus by Foster + Partners. Fans of the company’s products are known for queuing outside their stores and round the block at product launches, but if they were to queue around this building it would be a long wait! Read more

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Are old ones always best? The Great Court British Museum by Foster and Partners.

British museum courtyard

Great Court. Photo: Foster + Partners

In my post of the19th March about the new concourse at Kings Cross station, I enthused about the opportunity to clear away the old concourse and start afresh with a new square. I also said I would revisit the architecture once I had visited the building. So, here goes.

After hanging around there for some time – with lots of other architects with cameras – it is clear the place works well and it is a quantum leap forward from what was there before. But when the froth has receded it is also clear that the roof is the architecture. The rest, its balcony, circulation, and the way it accommodates the shops and cafés without letting them over-run the place, is all competently executed but not thrilling. So, it is an amazing roof, but how good is it when compared to its peers? How does it compare to the Great Court at the British Museum? Read more

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