Indulgence and a Hut: by Linedota Architects.

A typical hut with a painted front. Images: Linedota Architects.

Self indulgence, like a sweet desert, is best enjoyed rarely, and to mark a special event. Today is such an occasion.

My indulgence is to introduce a project from my own practice, Linedota Architects. The Flat Pack Hut was designed after a trip to Uganda on a charity mission to design a new school for a rural community.

Shocked by the lack of even basic facilities, it occurred to me that a single well designed school house might benefit a small community, but what about the neighbouring village? Without thinking about the bigger picture, the mission risked being no more than a manifestation of the architect’s ego. That would never do!

Thus was born the idea to design a wonderful school house that was inexpensive, earthquake safe, high wind safe, and could be built anywhere in the tropics. Read more

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Volcano Centre by Földes László.

Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky.

Hungarian architect, Földes László, designed the Volcano centre to resemble the logic of the volcano, but not its form.

Visitors to the building enter deep within its core, where they follow various possible routes rising through the building, whilst learning about the forces that created Sag mountain, on which the building stands, and other volcanoes as well.

This journey through the exhibition culminates in the viewing tower where the beauty of the mountain is revealed as a view over the landscape. The entire journey is analogous to the flow of magma through its vent culminating in the eruption that forms the mountain. Read more

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One for the road… an office building by Vaillo + Irigaray.

Photos: Jose Manuel Cutilas.

When the local highways department wanted a new headquarters building located in Navarra, Spain, they commissioned architects Vaillo + Irigaray who brought wit to a simple office building. They created a sunscreen made from rusty steel sections and gabion walls filled with shredded tyres.

Read more

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Mechanized orchestra created from decommissioned guns by Pedro Reyes.

The artist Pedro Reyes’s understanding of guns is such that with them, he can make music!

He acquires guns that were seized from drug cartels by the Mexican army before he modifies and reconfigures them to create musical instruments. The eight new instruments featured here, add to his growing mechanised orchestra.

The project known as “Disarm” is a collaboration with several musicians and Cocolab, a media studio in Mexico City. Read more

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Holy water tower: an installation by Tom Fruin.

Photos: Tom Fruin.

The concept of “holy water” is well established in certain theological circles. But the New York based artist Tom Fruin takes this notion in a new direction with his coloured water tower. Read more

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