Caught in a spider’s web

spider-web-1This installation is not for those who suffer from a fear of heights. Visitors inch along thin ropes as they would move in a spider’s web.

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Endlessly appealing: A stair by dRMM.

A highlight of the London Design Festival will no doubt be this staircase at the Tate Modern designed by architects dRMM. The design is inspired by the work of artist M.C. Escher who’s images of endless stairs are endlessly fascinating.

This “Endless Stair” is made from laminated tulipwood and will give visitors wonderful views over the river Thames, as well as a visceral sculptural experience.

At its highest level, the stair is 7.7m tall and can be walked every day from dawn to dusk. At night, the piece becomes an illuminates sculptural art work.

Christopher C. Hill.

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An inflatable tea house by Kengo Kuma.

The Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma has designed this inflatable building which is on show at the National Textile and Industrial Museum in Augsburge, Germany. The inflatable envelope resembles two golf balls from the outside.

Tea ceremonies will be performed in the building as well as various cultural workshops until the 17th August. Read more

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Hello Wood, a festival of art with …wood in Budapest.

POLIPHONY: Moomoo Architects.

Dubbed the Woodstock of architecture, “Hello Wood” is a week long maker’s festival where around 120 young designers get the opportunity to work alongside architects, artists, makers and other experts, in a free exchange of knowledge and culture. The aim is to strengthen the notion of thinking and working in a context where commitment to community is at the heart of the agenda.

At the end of the week long art camp,12 installations were created which are then judged by the jury of professionals. This year Polish Moomoo Architects were the winners with their piece, “Poliphony”. Read more

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London’s new airport concept by Foster and Partners.

Images: Foster and Partners.

The ability of the UK authorities to procrastinate over the planning of crucial infrastructure projects is remarkable. Party and local politics, as well as “Not In My Back Yard” attitudes are all allowed to frustrate certain key projects such as power, airports and railways.

In an attempt to do something about London’s lack of capacity at its main airport, Heathrow, the Mayor of London is working with Foster and Partners to develop a concept for a new hub airport in the Thames estuary.

This masterplan has been submitted to a government commission who are looking into the problem. We take a look at the key features. Read more

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