Cookies for typography fans

cookie cutters from Dutch designer Wouter

Source: Design Taxi

Few days until to hear the jingle bells. So it’s about time we started the Christmas baking. Even here, the topic of design cannot be ignored…

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Psychedelic Pop: Artist’s House by Kat O’Sullivan

Calico project in Woodstock by Kat O’Sullivan

Photo: Kat O’Sullivan

It is nothing new that the legendary Woodstock, located in New York State, is still home to some unusual personalities. But this project could blow the minds even of the most hard-core characters.

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Under the clouds – Living in an airplane

Living in an Airplane

Photo: KLM/Airbnb

Anyone who finds hotels too expensive and impersonal will be happy to use Airbnb in foreign countries and cities. Airbnb is a platform offering private rooms, apartments and even entire houses for temporary (and at times shared) accommodation. Currently, the platform features a special offer: an airplane.

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Desk and bed in one by Mira Schröder

Schreibtisch-Bett-1Although it could save workaholics a lot of time between workspace and bed, this piece of furniture is primarily intended for people living in cramped quarters.

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Vespa + Segway = Zero Scooter

Zero ScooterWe must admit that at first glance, this vehicle has a somewhat confusing, almost amputated, look to it. Read more

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