A camera concept inspired by a classic

kamera-vespa-1One characteristic of icons is that they never disappear from our consciousness – and that they can always trigger that special ‘must-have’ reaction. Read more

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A Luxury Supermarket from the Master of Staging

chanel-lagerfeld-1Fashion Week in Paris is the perfect occasion to celebrate everything that represents the opposite of restraint. We have learnt to expect fantastic things from the uncrowned king of fashion, Karl (the Great) Lagerfeld. This time, he created a pop-up supermarket as the catwalk for his models to show the Fall/Winter collection from the luxury label Chanel. Read more

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The colourful voice of Istanbul.

Most protest movements that survive the early indignation of the establishment, become the establishment. Some so called “street artists” or “graffiti artists” now command six or seven figure sums for their works that hang in international galleries. Arguably, such artists have been neutered.

But in a poetic subversion of art, Huseyin Cetinel, a retired forestry engineer, painted the Findikli stairs in Istanbul in rainbow colours, but he soon found the people of the city was using his idea as a voice for protest against the authorities. Read more

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Codes in the Clouds: Liss C. Werner.

CITC_IV_Atrophic Re-Topography
Nana Choi, Elisabeth Song and Michael Jeffers.
Project Title: Transformative Metempsychosis.

The architectural research studio, “Codes in the Clouds”, was formed at the Dessau International Architecture Graduate School, by the German architect, teacher and academic, Liss C. Werner.

She has exhibited the studio’s work at the 13th Venice Biennale in 2012 and, as a visiting professor, taken it on tour to the Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh in 2012–13.

Here is some of the studio’s exciting recent work as seen through her own, and her student’s projects in both Germany and the USA.

Read more

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Things for which the world does not turn.

In a competitive world where everything must apparently have a function, the Swiss artist, Giuseppe Colarusso, who lives and works in Italy, envisages a world made of useless things.

Some objects are bizarre, others humorous, but all are useless for their original function. Read more

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