Super Elastic: Pick-Up Trucks by Chris Labrooy

All photos: Chris Labrooy

All photos: Chris Labrooy

You have to look twice to recognize these hyper-realistic creations for what they actually are: digitally manipulated works of art.

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Questions of vision: Images by Neil Montier.


Images: Neil Montier.

As an artist and photographer working out of London, Neil Montier has produced a range of interesting work that comments on the ideals of early Modernism.

In his work In Arcania’ and ‘The Belt’ , he explores both the promise of Modernism through its utopian visions and its dystopian realities, using the technique of relocating architectural monoliths to new environments. The results are both unsettling and yet compelling. Read more

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Explosive beauty: Photographed by Fabian Oefner.

Photo credits: Fabian Oefner.

The experimental Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner is engaged in a concerted research programme that seeks to manipulate paint using different natural forces. The results of his work are unbelievably beautiful. This series is titled “Liquid Jewels”.

I know of no jeweller however, who can produce work so intricate, fluid, and mesmerising, as the forms captured in these photographs. Read more

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The body as landscape and window to the soul: by Carl Warner.

The human form, as a creation of nature, has often been cited as a source of beauty and inspiration for artists. For architects, the body becomes a form of space. As the first shelter in which the human spirit dwells, it is in essence the building block of architectural space. Corbusier, for example, argued this with the notion of the “Modulor”, as did Leonardo da Vinci, with his Vitruvian Man, and others before him.

The notion of the body as landscape however, expands the concept of the body as space beyond the architectural, to an almost infinite scale. Read more

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Sliced golf balls: photographs by James Friedman.

Photo credits: James Friedman.

Beauty is often found in the most unexpected of places. The photographer, James Friedman, has found it by slicing open golf balls! Read more

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