A tall tale, a table and the making of a folly: Charles Kaisin

section of table

Drawings: Charles Kaisin

If a table is not to be sat at, and dined upon, then what is it for? Charles Kaisin designed and built a grand and somewhat odd table, suggesting the enchanted forest from where the wood came. But who would ever learn of its bizarre and infectious charm?

His answer was to create an equally grand and odd feast, a fancy dress party on the theme of the surreal, to introduce the table, explore his work, and show that folly, and exuberance can be a serious business.

The table can be made to oak, beech and for outside use, teak all to bespoke dimensions. Just add a setting and imagination and you never know where it might lead.

view of the table

Photos: Marie-Fran├žoise Plissart

birds in the trees

a dinner party

guests in fancy dress

giving a speach

opening presents

something sweet



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