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Architecture | Topics | Magazine 1+2/2013

Vitalising Ensemble: Cultural Centre in Guimarães

The architects of the Portuguese firm Pitágoras Architectos have designed a Platform of Arts and Creativity for their home city. The nomination of Guimarães, situated north of Porto in the province of Braga, as European Capital of Culture 2012 prompted the transformation of the market place into a central multi-functional public space.

Architects: Pitágoras Arquitectos, Guimarães

The square is now dominated by a gold-shimmering building with a façade made up of vertical brass pipes, interrupted by shiny glass surfaces emphasising the entrances. Major programme areas include: an Art Center for exhibitions and performances, Creative Labs for artists to develop business projects, and Workshops for young talents which also offer spaces for temporary projects. Commercial units and businesses in the existing buildings on the other side fulfil the original function of the site as a centre of communication.

copper , façade , metal , Pitágoras , Portugal



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