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University Building in Germany by 3XN

It is the ambition that the new building for the technical faculty of the German university Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) is to be a lighthouse project for academic learning – an innovative and productive learning environment in which students, teachers and industry representatives can meet.

Architects: 3XN
Location: Hegelstraße, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany

University Building, Stuttgart, Germany by 3XN

Central atrium, rendering: 3XN

Transparency and communication have been key concepts in 3XN's winning project, which is designed as a "vertical campus" to support the university's goals of self-awareness, innovation, functionality and profitability. The future-oriented faculty building symbiotically gathers a number of institutions that until now have been scattered around Stuttgart.

The building is located close to Stuttgart city centre in an area characterized by a variety of universities and educational institutions, residential buildings and green spaces, giving potential for the building to support a rich and active urban life. The building enhances this potential by leaving room for new urban spaces in the form of three squares, which e.g. will allow the university café to have an outdoor dining area.

University Building, Stuttgart, Germany by 3XN

Ground floor plan: 3XN

University Building, Stuttgart, Germany by 3XN

Façade, diagram: 3XN

University Building, Stuttgart, Germany by 3XN

Façade, diagram: 3XN

The pentagonal building has an open and transparent facade divided into a number of horizontal bands, which have been split thus marking the main entrances and producing cantilevers and both open and covered terrace. This feature gives the building identity and a sculptural expression.

The central atrium in the building’s core has a number of functions: it is a social meeting place, which also ease orientation and wayfinding for the building’s users and visitors. Along with the spiral staircase that goes all the way to the top floor, the atrium further creates vertical communication between all levels and functions.

University Building, Stuttgart, Germany by 3XN

Façade, rendering: 3XN

An important element for social interaction is the "bridge" - a connecting element for all three main entrances, which because of its central location also can be used as a general passage.

University Building, Stuttgart, Germany by 3XN

3rd floor plan: 3XN

The room division of the individual floors is designed in order to ensure that each room has as many applications as possible and can be used across the various disciplines being taught. Several spaces facing the atrium have been left open to ensure informal and social meeting spaces.

University Building, Stuttgart, Germany by 3XN

Section: 3XN

3XN won first prize in invited competition with a total of 25 invited companies. More than 130 applied for prequalification.

Project data

Client: The Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, Vermögen und Bau, Amt Schwäbisch Gmünd
Function: University building
Gross floor area: 25,000 m²
Net floor area: 15,000 m²
Capacity: 2,500 students
Budget: 57,000,000 Euro


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