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Hands-on architecture: “Roots Architecture” workshop at WOMAD 2013

For the fifth year running, the WOMAD world music festival is featuring a unique side-event: Roots Architecture, a design/build workshop that brings together architects, designers, carpenters and makers.

Location: Charlton Park, Wiltshire, UK
Duration: 25-28 July 2013

“Roots Architecture” workshop at WOMAD 2013

Initiated by Fourth Door Magazine, and co-organized by the “open architectural field-research practice“, Tangentfield, the Roots Architecture workshop aims to build temporary structures that, at the same time, function as stages and fulfil other functions for the concurrent WOMAD festival. Four design/build teams have already subscribed to participate. These are from the organisations, Architecture Sans Frontières, Arkitrek and Architecture For Humanity, as well as from the Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth (Wales).

Furthermore, this year’s Roots Architecture will feature a “Speakeasy” event with debates, talks and pedal powered (!) films, plus an atelier where the Roots Architecture community will be offering workshops to the public and showcasing their work.

The three talk sessions are focused on post-disaster and humanitarian architecture, self & community build, as well as timber as a twenty-first century construction material.

“Roots Architecture” workshop at WOMAD 2013

The programme in detail

Friday, July 26, 11-1 pm
Post disaster design & humanitarian architecture

  • Peter Clegg: The work of FeildenCleggBradley Architects and the Richard Feilden Foundation's projects in the developing world
  • Bill Flinn: Designing for disaster - What post-emergency situations need
  • Katherine McNeil: The work of Architecture For Humanity-UK, in Britain and internationally

Saturday, July 27, 2 - 4 pm
Self & Community Build

  • Peter Lipman: Chair of the Transition Network and the Centre for Sustainable Energy on the Transition Towns localist vision for building culture
  • Jackson Moulding: Self-Build in action - Ashley Vale eco-village community, Bristol, and other self and community build initiatives
  • Allan Shepherd: Approaches to community self-build at CAT, past history to a future zero carbon Britain

Sunday, July 28, 2 - 4 pm
Timber - A building material for the twenty first century

  • Charley Brentnall: The Carpenters Fellowship and timber frame building, old and new
  • Nozomi Nakabayashi: Hooke Park and the first of the new generation timber projects at Hooke Park, Nozomi's Big Shed project            
  • David Saunders: Flimwell Woodland Enterprise Centre in Sussex as a model for developing local wood as construction materials


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WOMAD World Music Festival

Roots Architecture Workshop


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