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    Pleated curtain: Addition to a day-care centre in Paris

    Like a wafting curtain, the textile-based outer façade of an addition built onto a Paris day-care centre seems to float in the breeze.
    Architecture | Topics | Magazine 3/2015

    Context-related facades in Greenwich

    Both the local context and heritage site requirements were central aspects in the planning for the new architecture school for the ...
    Architecture | Topics | Magazine 4/2015

    Compact and mobile: Portable House ÁPH80

    This is no ordinary house, but rather the prefabricated, mobile Portable House, which can be placed anywhere at any time.

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    Smart home: Single-family house by UNStudio

    The W.I.N.D. House by UNStudio is based on the split-level principle. The individual levels are connected by a central open stairway. The ...
    Single-family house by UNStudio

    Tasty letterforms: Typographic chocolate

    In an endeavour to save hundreds of letterforms from the influence of the weather in public spaces or from simple destruction, the Museum of ...
    Typographic chocolate

    Kirstenbosch: Paradisiacal walkway above the trees

    »Over the tree-tops it is calm« – not only that, over the treetops of a South African botanical gardens spectacular aerial views are ...
    Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway