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    Variety above all: National Austrian Prize for Architecture and Sustainability

    The jury’s discussions were dominated by a new building which some say will revolutionize ecological architecture, but which ultimately was ...
    Architecture | Topics | Magazine 1+2/2015

    Glass meets wood: Residential building in Sweden

    An unusually open residential building with a fully glazed ground floor has come about in a design by the architects Jonas Elding and Johan ...
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    Raise the curtain! New university by Morger + Dettli

    In the middle of a unified ensemble of storage halls, the University of Design and Art (HGK) in Basel now sets a new urban-planning accent.

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    Real gem: Design for a luxury hotel in China

    Will this project ever be realized? It is entirely possible, for the larger-than-life amethyst is meant to give an unmistakable face to an ...
    Design for a luxury hotel in China

    Floating hotel above the mountains

    For some people, being trapped in a cable-car gondola 2,700 metres above sea level would be a nightmare. But for others, it could be an ...
    Floating hotel above the mountains

    Villa R: House with perspective

    This single-family dwelling, located on the edge of a forest in the Danish city of Aarhus, has a spectacular view. With this design, C.F ...
    Villa R in Aarhus by C.F. Møller Architects